Facebook world-wide outage

Facebook world-wide outage

After a long wait of more than 6 hours, Facebook and its platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp are back online. The regular users were left in shock as the global application with such immense amount of reputation stopped working along with all of its platforms.  These social media platforms are the ones where on a daily basis a huge amount of users visit. Therefore, this Facebook world-wide outage caused a lot of problems for social media influencers or daily surfers.

Major businesses depend on these platforms ass most of the marketing these days is carried out through social media. Facebook world-wide outage circulated in every single news of 4th October 2021. These engaging and socializing platforms are now back on after a halt which seemed to be very much threatening for the business world. Business world depends on marketing and correct implementation of its aspects could lead to an even further growth for any organization.  

Facebook Whistle blower

Former employee of the company came out publically and accused the company of putting the interests of the public in jeopardy and focus on profits. Such a statement caused a lot of havoc in the headquarters and the company has legally filed a lawsuit against its former employee accusing the application.

Many predict that the Facebook world-wide outage was an action plan to nullify the claims of the whistleblower and move forward with a lot more precision. This Facebook world-wide outage has left many in doubts as to how will the company move forward in future.

What is causing the Facebook world-wide outage?    

According to the company, the reason behind such a breakdown or outage was that the core routers of the organization making sure a complete network stability needed some configuration changes. As a result, the company had to face such an outage. The engineers and other experts working for this mega brand faced a lot of problems in overcoming such a heavy blow. Therefore, the number of estimated hours to complete the work increased massively.

How much lost Facebook suffered due to this outage? 

Facebook world-wide outage was so damaging that the company had to address such a situation on a different platform, a platform that is the app’s competitor. Facebook was forced to use its Twitter handle to address its users and inform them about every single detail. Approximately, Facebook suffered a loss of $100 million dollars while according to many experts, this might only be a beginning in a series of losses.

There are definitely hard times ahead for this giant of social media platforms and the more quickly they resolve such problems, the better it would be for them to move ahead with their heads held high.  

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