Norwegian based company Prototech acquired by Aker-ASA


Aker ASA is a Norwegian, industrial investment company. It facilitates ownership interests based on oil, gas, maritime assets, construction as well as biotechnological engineering. The company recently stated that now they have acquired Prototech, another Norwegian company. Prototech is an organization that provides multiple services like research and development, and prototyping, which is a solution provider for major industrialists. Prototech has a wide range of services even to the extent of “new energy systems.”

Just like any other organization, Prototech’s number one motive is always customer satisfaction. Whether it’s the detection of loopholes in energy plants, faulty satellites, guidance about green energy resources, this company has it all and helps in providing the best possible solutions. From the seabed mining in the depths of the ocean floor to the space system, Prototech solves it all. However, Having a diversified range of technicians and engineers allows them to overcome even the toughest of problems.

The CEO of Aker saw something in them which major entrepreneurs did not. He grabbed the opportunity and took over one of the best engineering solutions providers in Norway. “Prototech has an impressive portfolio of technologies and expertise that need both capital and active ownership to realize their full potential,” said Øyvind Eriksen.

Norway has one of the most fast-paced economies as a result, it also enjoys the first position in Human Development Index rankings. Such a ranking shows that life expectancy in this country is better than any other. This is the reason why the level of technological advancements and new inventions is a common thing for them. Companies like Prototech have a better chance to prosper now. They have been acquired by Aker, which promises further success in the future. As a result, will help Prototech grow exponentially. 

New projects and opportunities of Prototech moving forward

As we move ahead towards an environment filled with pollution and technologies emitting greenhouse gases and the burning of fossil fuels ruining the health of our societies, there is an urgent need to work on the environment. One of the main focuses of Aker and their newly acquired company, Prototech, is now to work on the environmental problems. Following are the new projects and opportunities that should be set by Aker for the newly acquired company:

  • Creation of zero-carbon economy. (Project)
  • Expansion of funds for Prototech will help in having better research and development. program. (Opportunity)
  • Possible major advancements in research of solar systems. (Opportunity)
  • Making of energy systems that will benefit the environment. (Project)
  • It Will help to benefit the strategic development program of Aker. (Opportunity)

Not just for Aker, but Prototech will also benefit from these acquisitions. They will have bigger and better opportunities plus investments to work with. Following was the statement of the CEO of Prototech after the news of its acquisition was revealed:

“Our energy solutions are maturing and have the potential to make a real difference in the zero-carbon economy. To be successful, we need an industrial owner to accelerate our development and provide capital for growth. Thus, Aker is the perfect owner for Prototech, and we are very happy to be part of the family ”.

This might turn out to be a strategic investment for the owners but for Prototech, this deal is a much better bargain. It will highlight their research on much bigger platforms and provide a better image.

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