Ronaldo joins Manchester United, Leaves Juventus

Ronaldo joins Manchester United

Transfer windows in football produce unimaginable signings at times and are highly anticipated. One of the greatest players in the history of football, Cristiano Ronaldo, never ceases to stay out of the news and the same has happened in this transfer window. With the 2021-2022 season’s summer transfer window, came an amazing set of news. This window came as a surprise to many as the transfers were eye-opening. The latest transfer is when the news came out as Ronaldo joins Manchester United.

History of Ronaldo’s transfers

The Journey Began With Sporitng CP

The same Cristiano Ronaldo joined this club back in 2003. Then, Manchester United purchased the player. He proved himself a lot at the Sporting Club, and his talents showed no bounds. Suddenly the news that Ronaldo joins Manchester, started circulating. Playing for the local club in Portugal, he outshined many other local Portuguese talents. Ronaldo faced the Manchester United side from their golden days. He played the game of his life, impressing the fans and even United’s manager. 

The manager at that time, Sir Alex Ferguson, talked to him after the game. In the next season, the club purchased Cristiano. The news started circulating that “Sporting’s young star, Ronaldo joins Manchester United”. Within a year, the young talented guy from Portugal became a key player for the side. Ronaldo ended up becoming an even bigger and better star than many others in the squad. 

His footballing father, Sir Alex stated that the credit for making this player, a legendary player, goes to Cristiano himself. Since the breaking of news that “Ronaldo joins Manchester United,” he went on to outshine every player in the league and became a megastar in world football. In 2008, Cristiano won the Ballon D’or, which is the most prestigious individual award for the best player of the year. After winning every possible match with Manchester United, he started new ventures at clubs like Real Madrid (2009-2018) and then Juventus (2018-2021). 

Ronaldo’s attachment with Manchester United

The incomparable love between both the player and the fans was beyond limits. Since hearing the latest news that Ronaldo joins Manchester United, the same old fans are cheered up. In addition, the young ones stay mesmerized that the icon of football is joining them. His attachment with everyone at Manchester was unreal. He lived for the club, and even after leaving the Red Devils, he still respected the fans and all the board members of Manchester United.

The reason for leaving his duties at Juventus was probably the sort of competition he requires, or maybe the tactical structure of Italian football did not suit him. Now, Ronaldo joins Manchester United hoping for competition. A much more suitable tactical structure will also be there as the English sides don’t often rely on the basics of defending more and scoring less, especially Manchester United. 

What to expect as Ronaldo joins Manchester United?

The brand of football that Manchester United was playing, has now improved a lot as compared to the last three seasons. The mentality of players, incomplete squad, and injury problems were badly affecting the club. But, now with the team performing well lately, and as Ronaldo joins Manchester United, the fans expect major trophies and awards for the players.

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