The Concept Of Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking

As the name suggests, this concept is fully based on hacking systems but unlike the term “hacking”, which is mostly associated with thefts and frauds. A certified ethical hacking program allows a company to create stronger security systems and also enhance the performance of such security systems. This program is certified by all the related authorities and a reputed firm can always ask for its services. This concept of ethical hacking is not new, but still, the business world is unaware of it.

In this day of age, you will see ethical hackers engaged in the majority of businesses. Business sectors opting for these services are government, financial, healthcare, education, and even energy sectors.

1. How does ethical hacking work?

The concept of ethical hacking works very smoothly and swiftly. The main purpose of the ethical hacking service providers is to highlight the loopholes in the network or cyber security systems. After evaluating probable shortcomings in systems, the ethical hackers provide the possible solutions to make amends for such loopholes. The process involves finding such vulnerabilities that exist from their client’s end. After the search for these vulnerabilities, the ethical hackers either just highlight them or make amends as well, depending on their pay packages.

These ethical hackers look for areas that may include a less number of encrypted passwords that can be most vulnerable. The use of insecure apps can lead to malicious hackers entering your information systems. Essential information that can be highly confidential is to threat whenever malicious hackers attack. However, ethical hackers design such strategies that neglect every approach of the wrong-doers.

2. Types of ethical hacking 

 Ethical hacking has many types, types that are practiced daily to solve the issues faced by organizations. However, the concept of ethical hacking requires careful implementations of these types, as any mishap could lead to major consequences. These types might include:

2.1 Web application hacking 

Many businesses these days are moving towards online platforms. These online platforms require web application making as the core solution of moving to an online platform. Ethical hackers make sure that these web applications are running safely and there is no chance of any malicious activity through various bad links or cookie hijacking.  

2.2 Social engineering 

This concept of ethical hacking makes sure to tackle the malicious activity that psychologically manipulates the users. Making people enter into unwanted and spammed-filled sites that can track confidential information is the prime focus of social engineering attacks. The concept of ethical hacking comes in handy in tackling these frauds.

2.3 System hacking 

The malicious activities include complete system hacking, whether they are in computer systems or computer software. Ethical hackers carry out overall research of such malicious activities. Therefore, this concept of hacking proves very helpful for major brands in protecting their computer systems.

The term hacking was considered a threat to computer systems, but this negative reputation is gradually changing. Thus, the concept of ethical hacking involves hacking computer systems with the allowance of the owner and check for probable vulnerabilities.

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